How Jerene R. Crockett ("Jerrie") inspired the music:  

She grew up in the era of Harry James and Louis Armstrong so maybe she was destined to play the trumpet. Her tone is what sets her apart—warm, round, rich and pitch perfect. That, and her joy. You can feel her heart come alive just watching her hold the instrument when she plays.  

The chance to give her best—to give it to God and to the people in her life—is her raison d'être.  

She's been a brass specialist, conductor, educator, and the creator of a full orchestra in north Dallas renowned for its contributions to public worship services and concert performances in the city.  She married a musician and raised two boys - one, a craftsman/entrepreneur and the other... a musician.  She loves Bach, Handel, Gershwin, John Rutter, Fanny Crosby and the film music of Morricone and Silvestri.  To her, they're all sacred works.  (read more) 

Let There Be Music (2001) - The story of a community of faith and music in Texas, led by visionary conductor Jerrie Crockett.